Friday, January 11, 2008

Music Videos

Music has no language; it recognizes neither boundaries nor caste nor creed nor religion. Yet it speaks a globally understood tongue which brings communities together and is like a religion that unites instead of dividing the human race. Music is a cult that stirs that which is pious in every human being. It soothes ruffled nerves. It makes smiles shine through tears. It helps one tide over tragedies and celebrates joy and happiness.

Everything that music has to offer gets multiplied two fold when you can also see what you are hearing and this is what has contributed to the amazing growth of the popularity of Music Videos. Music Videos encompass the theme of the song with added affect as it is a thoughtfully conceived visual interpretation of the lyrics of the musical number. Music Videos give that added edge to the vision of the lyricist and wings to the viewer’s imagination and arrest the attention of music enthusiasts.

Videocodezone opens the gates for a rush of music that satisfies one’s hunger for music by providing codes for thousands of music videos from all over the world. Some of them have been lost in time, some were listened to generations ago and have come knocking like a voice from the past. Music Videos preserve the heritage of music and do not allow the contributions of great musicians and singers and to be relegated to dusty cellars simply because all one has to do to restore the past to the present is to enter the Music Video Code and in seconds you have your favorite Music Video to relax, rejuvenate and to entertain you.

Another plus is that most internet communities like MySpace, Friendster, Xanga and Piczo, to name a few, permit Music Video Codes. This means that you can have your own Music Video Parlor and your favorite music is always just a click away. Videocodezone also serves as an effective rendez-vous for people who share a common love for music where they chat, interact, enquire, provide and exchange news and views about their professed love for music.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Movie Trailers

Movie Trailers are like teasers. They allow you a peak and leave you wondering what the whole looks like. It’s a tantalizing fast forward that tickles your imagination and leaves you wondering whether the rest of the movie is a thriller, a musical, a comedy or a teary romance.
At you get to see the best and most recent movie trailers that are specially edited from the whole movie to give one a fair idea of the movie in store.
Although a movie trailer is designed to be a preview of the movie and hence packs a great deal of the content of the entire movie in not more than a few minutes, a lot of care is taken that in the final analysis the viewer does not feel cheated. One says so because there have been instances in the past when one has opted to watch a movie on the basis of the trailer one has watched and come away feeling that one was served fare that was quite contrary to one’s expectation.

Moreover the trailer must indicate the central theme of the story which is done at times with the help of certain telling scenes or music. The combined effect of both music and scenes has a more emphatic impact on the mind of the viewer.

Music is an integral part of a movie trailer as the combined effect of the visuals backed by the right music makes the presentation of the trailer more effective and complete. The choice of the right song from the movie to be played in the background is important, but not always possible. A single song may not convey all the drama, action, intensity, emotions, pathos that a movie trailer seeks to convey. As the trailer is a synopsis of the entire movie and consists of numerous clippings presented as an assortment, the original background score may at times may not be apt for the trailer. This is achieved by specially creating a music track for the trailer which gives the viewer an idea of the general trend of the movie by way of its content and also complements the trend of the movie, be it a psychological thriller or a romance or a murder mystery.